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Toothbrush tips for dental hygiene

Nearly everyone has a toothbrush. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to maximize their use. Here are some tips for helping improve your dental hygiene by a better use of your toothbrush.

Choose the right toothbrush type:

There are so many toothbrush types that are available in the market today. This actually makes it hard for consumers to determine what kind of toothbrush they need. These brushes would often have varying characteristics when it comes to their size, the shape of the head, the configuration of the bristles, and even the type of bristles that they have. 

While different people would obviously have different needs and preferences with regard to their hosen brush, dental practitioners actually have a general recommendation. A common recommendation would  be a a toothbrush with a small head for access to different areas in the mouth, a long and wide handle for a firm grasp and soft, nylon bristles with round ends to help ease remove plaque without scratching off the tooth’s enamel.

Make it a part of your routine:

One of the more common reasons as to why people have poor dental hygiene is simply because they don’t brush. People don’t brush regularly because it is not part of their daily routine. You should try to integrate it with your usual rituals such as those you do after taking a bath or before going to sleep.

It would also help to bring a toothbrush kit with you during times that you are away from your home (office, school, etc.) so that you would not miss out on the recommended brushing after meals.

Brushing technique:

For those people who actually take the time to brush their teeth, the issue could arise from the improper motions that they use. The recommended brushing technique would be to have the proper angle (bristles of the toothbrush should be touching the gumline and teeth at a 45 degree angle), proper motion (back and forth motion and in small circles) and time (at least 2 minutes).

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